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St. Lucia

Anse Chastenet

Today we went by water taxi to Anse Chastenet, a beautiful beach about 15 minutes from Soufriere.

[Ana] animals on the rode

There are animals on the rode and I'll list them down kittens,Chicks,Roosters,Chickens, dogs,goats and !!  miss you.

New Jerusalem Falls

Went for a run yesterday morning and came across Jerusalem Falls. Hiked into the jungle and followed signs to the warm bath, heated by hot water from the volcano. Was a beautiful little find. It was 7am so I was there alone, and I visited with Michael, whose family has owned the Falls area for 5 generations. He told me his grandfather lived to 103 by bathing every day in the hot, mineral-rich baths.

New Jerusalem Falls

Foot bridge leading to the falls


New Jerusalem Falls

River into which the hot water flows.


New Jerusalem Falls

Hot pool at Jerusalem Falls.


New Jerusalem Falls

Path to Jerusalem Falls


New Jerusalem Falls

Welcome to New Jerusalem Waterfall

[Sam] Diamond waterfalls

we wet to dimid fols! it wus big it wus ubut 3 storys hi! dimind fols is a wodr fol! a store is 10 fet! 10 fet is big! supr big! ther wus a tip uv roc the roc wus cold irn it wus cul but big ther wus jrusulim fols but we dit go to it so we god to dimid fols dimid fols is in the ptancle gordin the ptanacl gordin is big

[Sam] The barbecue

we god to a brbcyu we plad los uv gams it wus lots uv fun

[Sam] Learning to dribble

I lrd haw to jribl! last nit! i ran with the ball! i ran as fast as i coud!