When we were in Italy, a friend of mine there was telling me that he thinks life goes in circles. I pondered this for a moment, and then decided that my life goes in rectangles. You're just going along, doing your thing, and then life takes a huge 90 degree turn. Then you go along again, and just when you're starting to get used to things, your life takes another huge turn. And then, after about four huge turns, you find you're right back where you started.

Case in point: As a teenager, I was pretty sure I wanted to be a computer programmer. I started an I.S. program at college, but then dropped out after six weeks, moved 400 miles and started working in a clothing store. 90 degree turn. After a half year, I moved to a new city and started managing a bike store. Turn #2. Did that for three years, then dropped it like a hot potatoe and started a graphic design business. We're at 270 degrees. Then I gradually morph into doing web design, and within a few years I'm working in the I.S. department at some big bank in the States coding Perl, JavaScript, PHP and SQL. Turn #4. Hey, isn't this where I started? Welcome to my rectangle.