Reading the Cluetrain Manifesto. It's got me thinking about a bunch of things, like...

People love the internet because it lets people talk to people. We're sick of the one-to-many force-fed corporate shmumble-talk. The internet has voice--something we've been missing for the last century.

Intranets are going to change the way we do business. They're bringing the walls down, putting the workforce in touch with the markets it serves.

Why do we worry so much about information security? Companies protect themselves with all these firewalls, for what... so that nobody can find out that they don't know anything? That they're just a bunch of morons, like the rest of us? Information wants to be free, so let it be.

Information isn't valuable anymore. Wisdom is valuable. Stories are valuable. Tell stories. Get smart.

The most valuable people are hyperlinked people. "Connectors", as they were coined in The Tipping Point. The internet, and intranets, hyperlink people. Connect people. That's what makes them so powerful.