I'm reading this book, "The Paradox of Choice". It's fascinating. It argues that the abundance of choices we have today is making us miserable--even clinically depressed. Not just choices in consumer goods, but choices in where we live, where we work, whether to marry, whether and when to have kids, etc.

Here's a clip from an interview with the author:

"Some social science research says that one consequence of leaving your options open is that people are less satisfied with their decisions; if a decision is non-reversible, you'll make yourself feel better about the choice you made. If it's a reversible choice, you don't do that. You don't bring your romantic partner "back to the store," but because you might, you don't convince yourself that she's the love of your life. If people know they can undo their choices, they get less satisfaction out of them. People want to keep their options open. And that's not the road to happiness."