If you want to get your car washed in Soufriere, you go to Car Wash Man 1 block north of the Catholic Church. If you want to buy rotis shells, you go put in your order with Sabrina -- she's on the second floor of the white house with brown doors a block up from the hospital. Her curtains have a floral print. Yell, "Sabrina!", she'll come out onto her balcony, and place your order.

If you need fish in any quantity, go to the dock when you hear the loud horn. If you have beer bottles to return, you give them to the guy with the shopping cart at the Saturday market. Get there by 9am. If you want tamarin balls, see Lucy at the clothing store a block north of the supermarket.

Need bananas? Let Margarita know; she'll drop them by your place on the way to her job at the auto parts store. Fresh bread? Get to the bakery by 8am. Cake? To the bakery between 10am and noon. Rotis? To the bakery between 1 and 2.

If you want fresh beef, you're too late -- they slaughtered the bull last Thursday.