Congratulations from Chris McGrath


I find it curious that among the most loyal followers of my web site are other people by the name of Chris McGrath. For instance, I received this email today:

"Congratulations! Was surfing several months ago and a search on my (our) name led me to your web site. Followed your travels closely. sounds interesting. Stumbled back today and saw pix of the baby. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congratulations to you and Gina.

- Chris McGrath"

Back a few months ago, I got this email from another Chris McGrath, this one an 11-year-old.

"Hi, my name is Chris McGrath too. I'm 11 years old. I was wondering if you are interested in other people whose name is Chris McGrath?"

Sorry kid, not exactly. We need a little more to go on if we're going to be friends. Spending a weekend with a club of Chris McGraths would just get confusing. ("And our next speaker will be... Chris McGrath!" [Everyone stands up.])

At least my name isn't David Wong. According to my phone book, there's 43 of them just in Vancouver.