When we first arrived in St. Lucia, the Canadian health nurse's warnings of all the loathsome diseases awaiting us were fresh in mind. We were terrified to step foot outside.

The paranoia lasted about 24 hours. You know what, there are disease-carrying bugs in North America too (e.g. Lyme disease) and there are more mosquitoes in my backyard in Nelson than there are in my backyard in Soufriere.

We're getting bitten (those are Ana's legs in the picture above) but we're adjusting too. We're wearing more bug repellant and we're experimenting with earth-friendly stuff like lime juice and lemongrass. We're closing the doors when we can and keeping the fans on. We're encouraging the geckos to go about their bug-eating business, and we're letting the landlords fumigate on their schedule, even though pesticides bother Gina's conscience.

But most of all, we're just not worrying. So far, the only thing that's infected us is the happy, relaxed disposition of the locals.