I ran the Turkey Trot 10K a month ago, and today I finally bought the picture of me crossing the finish line. After I saw the proof, I knew I had to get it--the expression on my face is so contorted and pained that I have to post it on the site. So I've just got to sample it down and write a story to go along with it... give me a few days.

INPUT: Yesterday I ate leftover pizza and had a fantastic sushi dinner. Today I had spaghetti for lunch and a fantastic seafod pasta dinner. I think I can eat pretty much whatever I want with the amount of exercise I did over the past two days.

OUTPUT: Yesterday I ran 17km with Muris. He was cursing me by the end. Today I commuted both ways to work, for a total of 1:40 in the saddle.

DIMENSIONS: Weight 153lbs