On Sunday, I ran my first marathon. It was a perfect day, a perfect venue, and a great race. My whole family was involved in the race in some way or another. My sister and brother ran the marathon. Gina and my other 2 sisters ran the 8k. Ana and her cousin ran the kids' race. My sister-in-law, and even my mom(!), raced the half marathon. It was something to see my mom out there. I finished in a respectable 3:25:43. My target was 3:20, so I'm happy. With some more training, I think qualifying for Boston (3:10) is within my capabilities. The only downer is that my dad hit his head on the stove vent just before leaving the house for the race. It was bleeding and he was dizzy, so he missed his first Victoria marathon in 5 years. But he doesn't give up too easily--I'm sure he'll be running another marathon within a few months.