1982 Volkswagen Golf

The coolest car by a long shot is our navel-orange colored golf. Also known as the 'seamobile', it gets us to and from the Adriatic in comfort and style. Just 3 gallons of gas and a quart of oil each way.

Really small car

The smallest car award goes to this one. I believe it's a Zastava, manufactured in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, with a 650cc engine. It's so small i couldn't even get all of Mike in the photo.


1970s Citroen ambulance

How would you like a ride to the hospital in this puppy? Just no one try and stand up. I don't even think there's enough headroom for an IV. But you'll get to the ER in half the time!

Armored car

This thing gets the most dangerous vehicle award. I don't like seeing one of these in the rear-view mirror, but unfortunately it happens quite often. They rome the countryside, putting fear into the hearts of any would-be usurpers of the throne with their roof-mounted machine guns.

Slightly damaged 1976 Zastava

We found this thing on a hike to a castle, but Mike couldn't get it started. It had some sort of ignition problem. But it's a beaut.