I just read "Stop Working: Here's How You Can using the strategy of Canada's Youngest Retiree". Here's what I liked:
  • It's specific to Canadian taxes and investments.
  • He actually stopped working at 34, and he never earned more than $30,000/year.
  • He's retired on just $350,000 and a paid-off house. With all the government subsidies, his family can get by on the $19,000/year that his investments generate.
  • He got me thinking about dividends and income trusts, things I hadn't thought of before.
  • It's short: 180 pages.
  • He's made me think maybe I really can retire in 10 years.
Here's what I didn't like:
  • Where was the proofreader? There are hundreds of typos.
  • Where was the editor? The book is poorly organized and often illogical.
  • He makes this big argument against RRSPs, but it doesn't hold water for anyone but low-income families, who probably don't make up the book's audience.
I get the feeling that selling me this book is part of his retirement strategy. He's smarter than he writes. But I did get my money's worth, I think. He gave me a fresh perspective on retirement. What more can I ask than that?