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Here I am with my daughter, Ana, on a road trip between Vancouver and Nelson. The full name is Christopher Bertram McGrath. Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1973, I grew up in Fruitvale, fell in love and married a supermodel in Nelson, spent three great years in St. Louis, and one even greater year in Bosnia in Sarajevo and Mostar. Our home is now beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, where I continue work as a web developer. But right now I'm on parental leave for 5 months, and we're in Mostar until the end of June.

If you've got a good long distance plan, give us a shout:

Tel 011-387-36-329-230
14 N.H.P. Draspina
Mostar, Bosnia & Hercegovina
u s @ c h r i s m c g r a t h . c o m