There are three distinct areas of intranet design.

Functional design. Functional design is about your intranet being useful. This is the most important kind of design: no one cares if the intranet is pretty if it’s irrelevant. Excellent functional design requires a thorough understanding of users’ goals, which my journey mapping service provides.

Interface design. Interface design is about your intranet being easy to use. People complain and time is wasted when an intranet is difficult to use. Through user testing, information design and wireframing, I can help make your intranet delightful.

Visual design. Good visual design instills confidence in users and reflects well on your organization's brand. While intranet design should have personality, it should also be simple enough so it doesn’t cause problems when you upgrade your software.

Intranet design services I offer:

  • Journey mapping
  • Rough design mockups
  • Usability testing
  • Information architecture design
  • Conceptual prototyping
  • Annotated wireframing with user flows
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Polished screen designs

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Who my design services are for: Organizations with 250 to 10,000+ intranet users.

Why use Chris McGrath: Long before intranets, I was a graphic designer. I morphed into web design and then user experience design with a speciality in usability analysis. I’ve designed many intranets and applications from scratch, including ThoughtFarmer, a leading intranet software solution.